Musings on history books

It is so very apparent that the history text used in my current course (early European history is the topic) was written by scholars located in the USA, with nary a good Brit amongst the bunch. The section titled England under Norman Rule begins with a scant 2-paragraph description of the Battle of Hastings and its immediate aftermath.  For a series of events which resulted in diminishing the English population by some 20%, this hardly seems  adequate. 

To be fair, we have not reached the point in the text where the Black Plague is discussed.  With any luck, the coverage will be equally dismal.


2 responses

  1. Ask David about the history text books that his dad has written and are still being used in British university curriculums. I dont know how far back his writing dates.

  2. I have just completed the latest instructional module, and am saddened to report that the Black Plague was covered in great detail, which included several pages of text embellished with a few grotesque illustrations.

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