November is WRITE A NOVEL month

Heard on public radio today:  listeners are challenged to write a novel, or rather a short novella, of 12 words by November 19. 

While I lack the credentials to critique the work of others, and will not presume to do so, I throw down the gauntlet all the same. 


5 responses

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  2. Brilliant wit from the Brit!

    All I have some up with so far is a romance novel …

    She mistakenly thought he had died at war, so she married another.

  3. And finally, here is my Jane Austen novel:

    He was rich, she was witty and beautiful. They overcame obstacles. Bliss!

  4. His dreams still led him to believe that he could do anything.

  5. […] still prefer my own cozy collection, garnered from two cooperative contributors along with a couple of my […]

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