les bonnes choses

The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching, and though I prefer to spend the money and time on a new pair of Manolos and at a spa, alas I am obligated to fulfil my filial duty and shop for presents.

Being averse to adventures which do not result in shodding my feet in something spectacular, for several years now I have relied on the convenience and relative serenity of catalog and online shopping.  Retailers know this about me, and my husband has come to call me Catalog Woman.  I like to think of myself as environmentally responsible, as I leave the carbon-spitting monster in the driveway (well, except for my frequent trips to the Happiest Place on Earth) and sashay upstairs to the laptop for a spin.  

Here are my winning picks for the guys on my list:

Despair, Inc’s Despairwear





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