The fish and the bird

I was meditating on the gorgeous and sad music and lyrics for Knopfler’s Fish and the Bird.  My husband has characterized it as a classic lament,  and out of curiosity I did some surfing.  It turns out that there is a Tom Waits tune with a similar title, and I wonder if the one (Knopfler) was written to honor the other (Waits).

Waits wrote Broken Bicycles  several years ago, a shamelessly sweet and sad little song.  Elvis Costello then worked into a medley with Paul McCartney’s Junk, and produced an album on which Anna-Sofie van Otter performed.  Wow – that was an undertaking!  From musical to opera singer by a former punk and serious geek!  At any rate, the pairing was fantastic (check out the album – For the Stars).

I am told that Waits is a sort of reclusive character, which piques my curiosity further.


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