Quatre choses

Four jobs I have held, not including the current one


Donut slinger

Title searcher

Contracts administrator

Four movies I would watch over and over


This is Spinal Tap

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Young Frankenstein

Perfect day

An early morning run through a redwood forest down to the ocean with my dog

Lunch with friends at my (dream) house in the coastal redwoods

An afternoon jam session with husband and friends, during which much wine and many margaritas consumed

An evening with my husband, in the (dream) house in the coastal redwoods


2 responses

  1. I love that you said that your perfect day would include your husband. That made me smile!

  2. Absolutely! I often think I would not be the warped yet well-meaning person I am without having encountered him by chance that one evening at a nightclub.

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