A Secret Life

It’s been a bumpy path, and I have not always taken the right turns.  I’ve taken some detours that have led me into secret gardens, and others that have led to quicksand.  People have written songs about the types of mistakes I’ve made, but most have been so very run-of-the-mill dull.  Some of the decisions I have made at first appeared to be mistakes, then unfolded into remarkable brilliance.  And with all this, I have learned one thing:  change is good.

So in the spirit offered up in my friend’s blog, I will take a deep breath to gather some of my often-elusive courage and share some of the distinctive, moderately interesting, super-nerdy and downright weird things I’ve done in my life thus far.

When I was 16, I toured the Caribbean with an orchestra.  We even went to Caracas, Venezuela.

I studied Wicca, and have the credentials to be called a priestess if I so chose.

I was briefly a professional musician, playing parties and churches for about five years.

I collect yukata.  I have five, two of which are vintage.

I wrote a duet for flute and french horn.

I wrote a novel when I was eight, over the Christmas break.  Needless to say, it was never published.

When I was twelve I had a theological discussion with the senior minister at the church I attended, and decided to become a missionary.

When I was thirteen, I would secretly skip church with my friend Lisa, and we’d go flirt with boys.  I blame Lisa, of course. 🙂

When I was fourteen, I became involved with illicit pharmaceuticals – which continued for a number of years.  I was very sneaky.  None of my family, and very few of my friends, knew. 

I met my husband at a nightclub.  He was the lead singer in the band.  Yes, I was a groupie!


2 responses

  1. Oh you little she devil you! Sex, drugs and rock n roll! I knew we were soul sisters!

    Id love to discuss wicca with you. I have read a few dabbles here and there but would love to learn more.

  2. Did I mention sex? Hmmm … I think I left out a couple of things…

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