My tiny superpower!

Inspired by Kate Harding’s solicitation of tiny superpowers, I share my own.

I have good luck with parking.  In fact, it has been so good that a friend calls it good parking karma.  In San Francisco, I parked curbside outside a hot new restaurant.  At Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, at the height of the Christmas shopping season, I nailed a spot in front of the Nordstrom (didn’t even have to circle the block!).  At Whole Foods, I have never had to circle the lot.

Does this mean God intends me to be lazy? 

One of my sisters has a tiny superpower of navigation.  It is not just good, it is phenomenal.  She did a term abroad while in college with a professor who regularly led these studies.  On a tour of the Loire Valley, the professor took a few wrong turns and was completely lost (I have a friend like that, too … but that’s another story).  My sister, with only a brief consultation of the map and having never been to France, instantly evaluated the situation and regained their position, meaning all could return safely to the hotel that evening. 

She ought to be a tour guide.


2 responses

  1. Ok supergirl… do you actually need to be driving to get the parking karma? Seems to me we sucked in San Jose! Ill have to think… do I have a super-power??

  2. Unfortunately, my good parking karma does require me to be manning the wheel. This is why my husband doesn’t mind when I carry the keys during our treks into downtown Walnut Creek.

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