Revisionist history: perception and persecution

A fact is static, while the perceptual process by which the fact is consumed is elastic. 

This is a joke that I have frequently used at work when asked a Yes or No question, to which I reply It depends.  Sadly, there are few people who comprehend the joke and, in fact, likely perceive me as rather dense after processing my response.  Of course it is possible that I perceive myself as offering a piece of irony which is, in fact, evidence of my density.  However, I prefer to perceive myself as rather erudite.


One response

  1. It depends is such a perfect answer. I think people who dont consider that as a proper answer as being dense. Lets take the example of writing code and programming. One must look at so many factors in determining what the code should include. You have to look at what the purpose is, consider the style with which it is written, the most efficient way to write it, or sometimes deciding to write it down and dirty. So yes, if someone asks… how are you going to write the code…. its perfectly reasonable to say it depends. That is in fact the correct answer!

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