Revisionist history: plastic

I have always been interested in memory – particularly its elasticity.

For example, there is a man at work whose memory amazes me.  He remembers stuff that I forgot the day after I learned it.  But he has a vast deficiency when one of his communiques has been wrong.  He is most apt to claim that he communicated the opposite thing. 

The choices we make as we traverse our roads (both the well-traveled and the less-taken) influence our perceptions of the world.  Sometimes we have an aha moment in which we experience enlightenment on matters previously veiled to our stubborn brains.  At these times, some of us replay the tape (or push the back button, or lift the needle and place it on an earlier track … ) and remix our past experiences.  This is not wrong, and it is not right; it’s just the way we are wired. 

We find ourselves compelled to reduce the dissonance in our delicate grey matter in order to move forward.  When we can’t do this, we either get stuck with metaphorical writer’s block or we dig deeper to explore the detritus of past experience.  And we are not consistent about which of these three we choose; we are subject to the whimsy of those finicky brains lodged so precariously inside our crania.


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