Innocent III, too

I just have to interject into my history meanderings, that as I learn more about the man and his actions Innocent III becomes even more distasteful.  Opportunist is the word which springs to mind, and not in the sense that I might comment about my dog when she snitches a milk bone from the kitchen counter, but rather in the sense that a grossly greasy old man steals chocolate from a baby (and not for the purpose of making up the 21 pounds he deserves).

No, this was a man who encouraged listless souls to undertake a the lost cause of regaining control of a land that provided great sermon fodder and ensured a comfortable and constant flow of income.  This was a man who played upon the fears of undereducated men and women to persecute those whose consciences led toward a set of beliefs not entirely contrary to the doctrine he professed as the basis of his own Church.


2 responses

  1. Just goes to prove my thesis that anyone showing the slightest inclination towards (any) religion should be immediately executed for the good of all man- (or person-)kind.

  2. Shades of Sinead … who is the real enemy?

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