Spam is disgusting.  A dear friend recently travelled to the UK on business, and upon her return found her work cubicle decorated with cans of the vile stuff.  While in Hawaii last year I stopped by a McDonalds to grab a coffee and saw Spam listed on the menu.  Yuck.

Spam of another sort can be amusing.  I get a fair amount of spam comments from this blog despite my best efforts, and most of it is either dull or brings me a laugh. 

But today a spam comment was caught in my net, and caused me some irritation.  I am a big believer in freedom of expression, and I think censorship is very, very wrong.  But I reserve my right as well to respond negatively.  And so to expose the principle-less prick who posted it, I include it below:

Doollafopwhog | | | IP:

Should you fail to contact us or cannot be contacted by phone within 12 hours upon receipt of the payment order, we have the right to send a message to your bank with a claim to freeze the transfer and to check your account cash flow. In case the transfer is already withdrawn, an inquiry will be sent to the law authorities of your country.


2 responses

  1. You haven’t lived until you have had spam fritters, baked beans and chips. Spam is the ambrosia of the gods compared to grits.

    I suspect that the email address, domain name and IP are faked as the IP traces to Australia, the domain is Czech and the email address is auto-generated.

  2. Blech. I don’t care much for grits. Remember, I grew up with a surfer crowd! We were into organic produce and whole grain breads. Of course, all that went to hell when I (traitorously!) began working at the donut shop … but then, that’s another story all together.

    So as for spam, I suspect it is fabricated from the same class of material as Black Pudding. And those ingredients, as my British friend (and, shockingly, a fan of Black Pudding) says, are “all the parts of the pig that are not fit for human consumption.”

    Kinda like the scummy spammer above, who is trying to scare the cash out of people’s wallets.

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