The End of the Innocent

Despite my last-minute rushing to complete my paper and submit it in time, and despite having spent many a lunch hour reading for homework, and many an evening perched in my office reading or doing homework (or blogging to avoid reading and doing homework … ) I have mixed feelings about the end of term:

I do not like the rushing around to complete assignments.

I like learning new things.

I do not like Pope Innocent III.

I really liked Aristotle.

I was not very enamoured with Martin Luther.

I rather enjoyed Plato.

Cathedral architecture is amazing.

I do not like Pope Innocent III.

Ancient Greece was fascinating.

Multiple choice quizzes are not my forte.

Feudalism is a very strange concept.

I have a new appreciation for Vikings.

I do not like Pope Innocent III.


2 responses

  1. Pushing yourself to step beyond what you like is part of the learning process. It not only teaches you about the subject you are studying, but helps you establish opinions and shapes who you are.

  2. Yes, I agree. I certainly have developed a strong opinion about that pope! And I think that having taken this course I will enjoy next year’s trip to the UK and France all the more.

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