What Would Innocent III Do?

I have been meditating on Psychscribe’s question:  if you could relive a year of your life, which would it be.  I certainly have some ideas.

But, it seemed more fun (yes, there’s the F word again) to ask myself the question:  if I could take control over the mind of one historical person for one year, which person would it be, what year, and what would I do?

Of course, there was never a doubt that I would choose my nemesis, the most wicked pope of all time (and that’s saying a lot), Innocent III.

What year shall I pick?  Shall I pick 1198, the year he ascended to the papacy and called for yet another crusade?  If I did, I would send a contingent of my most intelligent priests away to learn Arabic, and establish DIPLOMATIC relationships.  Or 1208, the year he called on Simon de Montfort to beat the bloody hell out of pacifist Cathars in Southern France?  If so, I’d beat the bloody hell out of my legate Arnaud Amalric instead, whose decision to send the neurotic and argumentative Peter of Castelnau to negotiate with Cathar advocate Raymond of Toulouse was nothing short of idiotic.

Decisions, decisions …

Who would you pick from history, and what would you do?


2 responses

  1. Ok, I am taking up your challenge…..Ill post a blog about it soon. I have a good idea.

    I do think that sorting the religious issues back then would make the world a completely different place. Gosh, what would it be like if we all were tollerant of each other and could live in peace???

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