Where I left my mojo

I really do suffer from the Peter Pan Syndrome.  It is an odd thing too, because when I was newly married and in my early 20’s, I was appallingly middle aged in so many ways. 

With age I have regressed.  I have become less independent, and I have also somehow lost the skill to handle confrontational, emotional or difficult situations involving other people.

This is all the more alarming to me recently, as handling situations involving people and which require some modicum of skill moderating conflict are actually job requirements.

Where did they go, these elusive skills?  Did I leave them in an old purse, that I then donated to the Goodwill?  Is someone out there walking around and carrying my mojo?


5 responses

  1. Emotional people skills and dealing with issues isnt really very logic based. I think you spend so much of your time sorting out complicated work/program/logical issues that you are just rusty with the people skills portion.

    For some strange reason you seem to feel inferior to others yet in so many ways you are a star that stands out and shines brightly. I wonder why that is? Why cant you see in yourself what the rest of us in the world do? I think its time to do some reality checks. Start with the compliments you got from your teacher at school telling you that you are the type of student that makes it wonderful and rewarding for her to teach. Im not the only one who values you. Sheesh. I think we are going to all have to have an Appreciate Illegirl Day to show you how much people like, respect and admire who you are!

    However, saying that, I can tell you that you are far more well adjusted than you give yourself credit for. You have a happy stable marriage and a good life. You have friends who love you, and a job that despite its ups and downs really does make you comfortable and you continue to excell at and move up in. You are obviously doing something right.

    Everyone has times of doubt. Everyone has times where things seem overwhelming and stressful when it comes to emotions and matters of the heart and your relationships with others. It doesnt have that easy fix that you are used to of being able to simply make it make sense and be logical.

    Hang in there… sending you a hug.

  2. P.S. if you need help with confrontational issues… Im your gal! I dont mind telling anyone what I think….rofl!!!!!

  3. I was under the impression that in America conflict moderation was handled by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  4. Yes, but I think left my pearl-handled revolver in the same purse as my mojo.

  5. Again, mine is on loan for the asking…lol

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