While on my search for a new history class, I ran across something that sounds fascinating.  A British lecturer will be speaking next March at UC Berkeley on the topic of ‘Englishness’.  Moreover, the lecture is free.  http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/cat/course1669.html

Now, ordinarily I am suspect of freebies as I tend to believe that there is always a catch.  However, my optimistic disposition in this case has won the battle, as there are several things in favor of this lecture:

  • It’s free, and nothing else relating to my trip to the UK next summer will be so cheap. 
  • It’s being delivered by a real Englishman, not someone who plays the part on TV.
  • It’s on the UC Berkeley campus, which means it’s near Amoeba Music, which means my husband can browse the massive collection of CD’s and vinyl in that warehouse size store while I inhale some witticisms from a fellow who will certainly have a decidedly POSH accent.
  • It’s in Berkeley, which means it’s somewhere near Top Dog, which means I can get a New York with mustard on a toasted bun.  Yum.
  • The made-up word ‘Englishness’ is in the course title. 
  • It’s in Berkeley, which means it’s somewhere near a place where I can get gelato (because Berkeley is enlightened when it comes to these important things), which means I can get a combination blueberry and almond in a cup.
  • Oh, and I suppose I might learn something while I am there.

6 responses

  1. I can understand your enthusiasm, after all you have so few other opportunities to meet a [i]real[/i] Englishman.

  2. Anyone going on an “Englishness” course should forego the gelato and New York with mustard. I’d suggest tracking down a real englishman and asking him about the delights of black pudding, beer at a proper temperature and chicken tikka masala.

  3. I believe that there is an English restaurant/pub right in downtown Berkeley. David and I passed it when we were visiting. Its right in the middle of the main drag. You definately need to go there if you are going to an Englishness course.

    Youd think you’d have enough of the brits by now…. want mine? I rent him to you cheap! lol

  4. I suppose I could practice the art of imbibing some spirits while my husband settles in for a beer served at a reasonable temperature – I’ll have to look the place up.

    I have sufficient guilt about my hours of work without having yet another man in my life to which I must provide the obligatory explanations for why late, why milk forgotten, etc. Besides, yours is not fond enough of dogs to suit me. But thanks ever so for the generous offer to loan out your husband. You could always place an ad in Craig’s List.

    As for Black Pudding, never the stuff shall pass these lips. Indian food, on the other hand, is enticing. But I still prefer my Top Dog as this brings back many memories of Sunday afternoons in Berkeley with my family, during which we relished the exuberance and variety of the university town. Gelato is merely the icing on the cake.

    Do I detect a note of sarcasm in the first comment? I intended only to suggest that the lecturer is a bona fide British professor, as compared to others who might speak on such a topic having been born in an exotic place like Temecula. I am casting no aspersions on the delightful British naturals I consider a part of my circle of friends.

  5. By the way, you should know the rule in British Pubs: Beer for the Gentleman and a fruit-based drink for the Ladies? http://www.thepublandlord.com/

  6. If a cosmopolitan is considered fruit-based (as it contains cranberry juice), then we will fit in just fine.

    btw, interesting article about environmentally-friendly beer brewing … http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=27&ContentID=50718

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