Georgette of the Jungle

I was so pleased with myself to have found a film called Blonde Savage on DVD, for an embarrassingly cheap price (less expensive than renting).  I purchased it thinking I had struck treasure in the search for something inventive for my husband’s Christmas stocking.   I envisioned this as a terrible B movie meriting perhaps 1/2 star and being ensconced in IMDB’s 100 worst movies of all time.

Imagine my disappointment to learn that IMDB published a rating of 5.4 stars, and there was even a positive review!  With a tagline of Thrill to Savage Love! this looked like promising fare for our annual New Year’s Eve filmfest (well, it’s really more of a drinkfest), but I think this film might be too good to make the cut.

Suggestions are now being solicited, as the Eve approaches.


5 responses

  1. I am unsure… are we looking for truly awful movies here? Or some to enjoy? Or yet those few that seem really cool after a ton of alcohol has been consumed by all???

  2. I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog and thereafter enjoyed reading my posts. My best wishes for New Year and your Drinkfest.

  3. A truly laughable movie is preferred for New Year’s Eve. We have our tradition of inviting a friend (the same one every year) for an evening of Chinese food and movies. The men mostly drink beers, though we inevitably have a hot toddy. A bad movie is de rigeur.

  4. Meraj – Thank you for your kind wishes. May your Christmas and New Year be lovely, and I wish you more good journeys and the resulting stories in 2008. Cheers!

  5. Anything by Uwe Boll (Three of the movies that he directed are in the IMDB bottom 100)
    Santa Claus vs The Martians

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