Using My Power for Good Not …

A colleague (and former friend) emailed this link to me, with the comment For some reason I thought of you when I found this site …

I prefer to use my minisuperpowers for good, rather than evil.  However on occasion, when the planets are aligned in a particular manner, when the dog has chewed on my Starbucks card, and I am buried with impossible tasks with unrealistic deadlines at work, I might – just might – daydream a bit.  As a friend and I mused today, after another ten years I will likely be ready for a career change, so why not aspire to greatness.

My fashion sense compels me to endorse #21 and 29.

My good sense advises me to endorse #50 and 59.

My comedic sense urges me to endorse #65 and 92.


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  1. Thats a beauty!!!!

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