Muumuu Movie Night

With 2008 fast approaching, plans are in progress for the first Girls’ Night of the year.  The selected theme is Muumuu Movie Night.  All attendees are expected to don Hawaiian gear (preferably the title garment).  This is the sole requirement; all else is up for grabs.

The inspiration arose when for last summer’s Hideous Dress Tea, I found myself in a quandary.  The weather had been particularly hot, and while the thrift stores at which I browsed abounded with ugly apparel I was quite set on something cottony and yet still unattractive; the thought of encasing myself in layers of polyester tulle was unbearable.  Enter the shapeless Hawaiian print dress!

Unfortunately, I did not win the prize for the ugliest dress – not even close.  Even with appropriately matched jewelry, bag and shoes, I was outdone once again by a discarded bridesmaid dress.  Sigh.  However, I discovered the reason why the shapeless garments were so very popular, as they are quite comfy at high summer;  a comment to this effect directed to the tea’s hostess led to the upcoming scheme.

Now I am scouring for Hawaii-themed films, and surprised at the dearth of material.  While there is Elvis’ classic Blue Hawaii, most of the others are concert films or documentaries.  I am however sorely tempted to include one of these gems, The Captain and Tenille in Hawaii, as this ought to raise a few polite protests.  And given tomorrow evening’s theme I love the idea of including Naked Paradise – but, I will exercise some restraint and stick with Elvis.


3 responses

  1. Are you kidding? Hawaii 5-0 marathon! Gidget goes Hawaiian! Then of course you have Castaway with Tom Hanks… sure I know its not really set in Hawaii but you get all of the feel and excitement. Same thing with Brooke Sheilds movie The Blue Lagoon. Now there is a truly bad movie to throw your popcorn at!

  2. I did see that Hawaii 5-0 was available. I loved that show! I am distantly related to playright Charles MacArthur (who was married to Helen Hayes), which means James MacArthur (‘Danno’) is a cousin several times removed; this gave the show additional appeal.

    I had completely forgotten about the Gidget movies! This is the winner. Thanks!

  3. If you extend it to films made in Hawaii, there is a long list here:

    I’d recommend Girls! Girls! Girls!

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