Anthroapologia I

Having read an excerpt from Plato’s Republic for a history class assignment, I found myself very curious about the remaining text.  My sister studied philosophy at university, and has kindly let me pilfer this very neglected section of her library.  I snagged a copy of The Republic, a Locke text, some Camus, and a fun little book called The Bluffer’s Guide to Philosophy (which actually belongs to her husband).

The other evening I settled in to begin reading, and was very surprised that I recognized some of the ideas.  Yes, I had heard in school over many years and in many different courses that Western culture is replete with echoes of Socratic ideals.  But to read the words on my own (albeit in translation), the enormity of this influence was truly astounding.  I also found myself ruminating about universal themes, which is yet another reason for me to take yet another history course.  Lovely thing it is, to have no end in sight to this wondrous journey.

So more (or rather, something) on The Republic will follow.  In the meantime, I have learned a little something on the history of the paperback book from a fellow book lover.  Given that all of the borrowed philosophy books are paperback, as are all of my school history texts, I was appreciative.  Ciao for now, and enjoy.


3 responses

  1. thanks for the mention here.

    btw, which are your top tracks from ‘Kill to get Crimson’. In the Sky, Secondary Waltz, and Heartful of Holes are mine. and have you heard Knopfler’s brilliant duet album with Emmylou Harris? Might like.

  2. I vascillate as to my favorite tunes from ‘Crimson’, but at present Scaffolder’s Wife, Heartful of Holes, Let It All Go. In the Sky reminds me so much of Van Morrison.

    Yes – the Emmylou collaboration is terrific! I have the live version, not the studio album. Love the title track (All the Roadrunning), This is Us, Red Dirt Girl, and the fantastic version of Speedway to Nazareth (which sounds like it was written for knopfler and Harris to sing together). Have yet to upload to the iPod, but I listen to this at home frequently.

  3. am glad you are into Van too…he is an all time favorite and the finest. Astral Weeks is such an album…seamless and surreal flow of great music and poetry.

    from All the Roadrunning: Love and Happiness (despite the mush), This is Us (remindful oh June Carter and Johnny Cash) and Donkey Town (the man sings so beautifully) are my favorites.


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