The New Dawn

A postscript to report on New Years’ Eve.

We were concerned that our plans would collapse when our friend called to report that he had a cough.  My husband, at first sympathetic, eventually tersely instructed JH to stop at a drug store on his journey to our house and pick up some cough medicine. 

We held our breath, and JH did arrive in time to consume (with our enthusiastic assistance) much Chinese food, and to introduce his palate to a delightful tropical drink called a Caribbean Cruise (many fruit juices and two different types of rum).

We took our chances with Blonde Savage.  It was well worth the watching as it satisfied all the requirements of a cheesy movie:

It was exceptionally sexist

The costumes were crafted much, much better than the actors’ performances

The goofy sidekick had all the good lines (there were perhaps 2)

The special effects were transparent

The orphan American chick raised by an isolated African tribe had pretty makeup and a lovely hairdo, and her ratty costume tighly covered a bullet-bra enhanced bosom

No surprises disrupted the formula

However, I now understand why the film received over 5 stars.  It was amusing, it held the interest, one could gain a bit of sympathy for the hero and heroine, and the script was not entirely horrid.

The evening continued with homemade brownies, chips, cafe macchiatos, then beers consumed by the gents and herbal tea by yours truly.  Somehow – possibly due to the coffee – we managed to remain awake for the ball drop at midnight, after which the dog and I turned in.

I awoke later than anticipated, but true to my intention the pup and I headed out over the hilly trail to greet the new year properly.  One of these mornings I shall take photographs of the trail, as in the early winter morning it is misty and green, and the silence is positively meditative.  Others on the trail at early hours are respectful of this beauty and silence; our greetings are hushed, but frequently suffused with a conspiratorial smile – as if making too much of this love for the day’s slow awakening might rush it, and ruin its charms.


3 responses

  1. beautifully written last paragraph…’as if making too much of this love for the day’s slow awakening might rush it, and ruin its charms’…beautiful!

    i picked up Clouds, Castle Lake by Nabokov…its a collection of short stories. Laughter in the Dark is the precursor to Lolita, right? I havent read it.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! It is such a lovely thing to walk in the early morning, it is difficult to adequately describe.

    Yes, I believe Laughter in the Dark predated Lolita by around 20 years. I’ve also read an earlier novel called in English ‘The Eye’, which was originally written in Russian but I think Nabokov translated it into English himself, rather than hiring a translator.

    I’m not at all familiar with the short stories, but am now inspired! I shall have to check the library to see what they have in that area.

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect New Years. I agree with Meraj, beautiful post.

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