Fuzzy resolution II

While one is on vacation, it is very easy to resolve to work less and play more.  One’s life is serene, rich and hopeful when there is plenty of time for sleep, the cell phone is not ringing at 2 am, that annoying guy from the second floor is not constantly interrupting me, and the boss is not sending IM’s every hour for an update on the project that sat with the design team for six weeks leaving me and my team only four days to do the technical design and code before its hard deadline. 

So now that I have returned to work after a week off, I gripe and bitch and complain to my long-suffering coworkers and my patient husband (bless you all), but really what I need is an adjustment in my thinking.  I need to drink a dose of reality (preferably, disguised as a good Cognac) and remember that my boss is under more pressure than I to see that project completed by the deadline,  that issues are escalated to my team because users have confidence that those issues will be resolved, and that the very annoying guy from the second floor is not picking on me in particular but is spreading the annoyance throughout the building (except, sadly, with the boss). 


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