The Artistic Process

Last night I wanted to do something creative, but rather reluctantly sat down to watch a movie my husband had rented, OnceTurns out I made the right decision.

The film is about two musicians – an unlikely pairing between an Irish guitarist and a Czech immigrant pianist – who meet by chance in Dublin and share such a natural bond that within a week they have together written enough material to produce a demo CD.  Glen Hansard from the band The Frames stars as the moderately melancholy Guy, and Marketa Irglova as the emigre Girl; both deliver marvelous performances despite the low production values -which includes some poor editing.  In fact, this is a great example of how good material can transform a flat-out bad backdrop and turn it into a vehicle of its own for delivering the goods.

After the film ended, I sat on the sofa for a while to recover from the subtle but intense beauty of the story and an outcome which reminded me that not everything in the world of entertainment is cheap and slick.  And afterwards I skipped upstairs to look for the music online …


3 responses

  1. Ah, how I love the poetry of your soul. It makes you so unique and outstanding. Sort of a female version of my husband. A geek with a poets soul. Its lovely.

    I will definately rent this movie. Sounds perfect.

  2. No wonder you and I get along so well!

    ‘A geek with a poets soul’ … I love it.

  3. […] 18, 2008 at 11:37 pm (moodring) I am inspired by amberfireinus’s comment in a previous post (as well as an enthusiastic fellow geek who is likely home right now attempting […]

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