Geek poetry inspiration

I am inspired by amberfireinus’s comment in a previous post (as well as an enthusiastic fellow geek who is likely home right now attempting to find a rhyme for ‘service oriented architecture’)  to solicit geek poetry.

Submit comments by Valentine’s Day.  For geeks, that’s the day during midwinter that the cpu utilization on the database server drops significantly by mid-afternoon, as all of the people who have lovers left work early.

Why poetry?  Those of us who harbor a deep and abiding love for the purity of well-constructed code often also secretively appreciate the incomprehensible yet alluring beauty of our fellow travelers in the illogical universe that sometimes exists for us outside the code base.

For example, one might write a geek Haiku:

A fresh database

keystrokes issue commands

logic fills you up

A post script:

Check out the poem on the All Geek to Me blog.


4 responses

  1. lol you truly are warped…. check out David’s blog… he beat you to it. I should keep my mouth shut! LOL.

  2. The device driver would not install
    It held the geek in it’s thrall
    A firmware upgrade was required
    The swearing was quite inspired
    When the Pizza was delivered
    The geek was in the corner and shivered
    “Where’s the beer?!” he did holler
    “Don’t you know I’m a scholar?”

    (it helps if you know about his

  3. Lovely composition – much appreciated! Perhaps you too understand the mysterious logic of the non sequitur?

    Skol Canned Super Strength Lager … this reminds me of some vile stuff called Meisterbrau which was downed during games of quarters in college. Also, generic gin (seriously – white label with black printed GIN – no pictures, nada). Makes me queasy to think of it, actually.

  4. BOFH and the PFY have been known to indulge in Skol.

    While I’m on a roll, here’s another

    There was a programmer called Rodger
    His code he would frequently bodger
    One day after work
    His girlfriend went berserk
    And all because of his enormous debugger

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