I was going to put Plato on the back burner and dig into archaeology, but a dark flash provoked by work obligations and a need to have a life (such as it might be) leads me to question this decision. 

I found I was not enjoying archaeology.  The instructor seemed very sharp and perky, and the book was well-organized – definitely lots to love there.  But as I read my archaeology task my mind would wander back to my Plato, or I’d find myself wishing to browse through some lovely English histories my friends gave me for Christmas, or I would begin to daydream about how I might enforce development standards in a constructive manner.

And so I made a difficult decision, and dropped the course.

All day long the Grease song ‘Beauty School Dropout’ has been on my mind.


3 responses

  1. Oh gosh…. you are such a hoot. I could never ever replace you in my life. You just make me smile…

  2. So this is a bit off topic, oppologies, but apparently Ilegirl is a Bowie fan and doesn’t know Fame 90. So I thought I’d help, cause well I am all about helping…


  3. Dear ACIM,

    Thank you for the vid link. It explains some background film shown during the Bowie 50th Birthday Bash concert a few years back (peroxide chick in slutty black strapless). And this cements the conclusion most of us reached at the bar last night about Bowie from mid-80’s into part of the 90’s … though I still maintain that ‘Earthling’ is a worthwhile endeavor.

    As for veering off topic, I believe that’s one of my own tendencies as well.

    Speaking of which … though no one viewing this can see your email address, I have a secret decoder ring, and it made me laugh … thanks for cheering me up with that!

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