ilegirl’s European vacation

In June my entire family will celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe.

My parents will spend six weeks in Europe, travelling from Scotland to Spain.  This will be their fourth trip across the pond, and they are enthusiastic about sharing the experience.  Both of them are retired, so time is not a factor.

My sisters, their husbands and my nieces and nephews will all depart with my parents.  My husband and I were originally to meet the clan in London, but there was a mistake on the original itinerary so it seems our departure will be delayed a week meaning that we will miss the UK all together and instead fly directly in to Paris.  The bulk of our time will be spent in France, and a few days in Switzerland where my parents have friends will round out the trip.

Because this is a trip for my parents, and not solely for myself, I know I will refrain from protesting.  But I am disappointed, as British history is of specific interest to me and I looked forward to exploring the countryside in particular.  Time is simply not on my side in this case.  On the other hand, when I do eventually venture to the UK, the trip will include only my husband and myself; we will not be constrained by the presence of family, and can enjoy ourselves to a ridiculous degree.


4 responses

  1. I am so beyond disappointed for you. My lower lip is out. 😦

    Im sure you will have a great time, still I am sad that you wont see our beautiful country, or get to visit Jeakes House.

    I really hope some day you will get to visit. I know you will love it!

  2. Yes, a sad state of affairs. In 2009 the trip will be to Hawaii, but perhaps in 2010.

  3. I have arranged with the RAF to have your plane intercepted. You will be forced to land at Heathrow, so that you can spend some quality time at a nice secure facility in Hounslow.

  4. I am threatening to send my husband ahead to London with the rest of the clan, as Eric Clapton is performing there during the last week of June. This will also give me adequate time to pack a sufficient number of shoes without having him watch me critically and make cutting comments about the weight of my baggage (after all, I weigh far less than anyone save my model-thin niece, so I need to make up this deficit somehow).

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