My geek poem

Minerva is my muse as I draft new coding guidelines:

‘Never shall one use GOTO or OPNQRYF’.

Enforcement of these rules is a challenge to be faced

with contractors, like mules, resisting every point I’ve traced.

The CIO still codes, and he thinks he has great skills;

to criticize ill bodes, though his work the system kills.

Myself, I am a fan of some nice encapsulation.

Spaghetti code I ban, though it is small consolation;

for legacy approach in this business application

is like a nasty roach – survives despite my best intentions.


6 responses

  1. I love this… great one 🙂

  2. Short and not sweet:-

    Leaves a nasty smell.

  3. I agree, @mmonyte!

  4. Since the deadline is Valentine’s day here’s one in the style of a VD card. (Sorry that came out wrong, as the Bishop said to the Actress)

    Oracle is Red
    Microsoft is Blue
    Their code is bloated
    But that doesn’t apply to you

  5. How very geeky indeed. And I’m sure your sweetie will appreciate that you are specifically pointing out that she is NOT bloated. Oh yes – big points for that.

  6. Im sure every woman would love to know she isnt bloated! Great one Ammo!

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