Happy Geek’s Day!

The complete collection of geek poetry has been coded, compiled, and deployed as a page.

When will there be a Geek Day?  We have a fair number of holidays dedicated to presidents, mothers, fathers, bridge builders, but nary a one for the people who brought us such luxuries as the printing press, indoor plumbing, polio vaccines, and iPods.  Think about it:  the people who invented the above were not drudges carrying their sorry old carcasses to the office and counting the minutes until quitting time.  No way!  These were self-motivated, obsessive, creative people who were probably thought to be a little bit crazy.  I say, Hoorah for Geeks!  They deserve some appreciation!


5 responses

  1. Ok, well here is my suggestion. We get a group of us together… and we find a really fun bar.. and we celebrate geeks all over the world. We can send out emails so that geeks can join us in spirit! We’ll pick a day! What do you think?

  2. Sorry but the Great God Google reports that Geek Day is already covered http://www.geekday.com/

  3. Yay to the bar with us all on April the 8th then! Or… it may be held at our new place and the kegerator flowing!!!! How would that be for cool!!!!!

  4. Geek Day sounds fabulous except for one thing: it is in Missouri.

    However, I have no objection to embracing the concept and adopting the date. April 8th is a Tuesday – wonder if that corresponds with the night of the pub quiz at Pyramid Brewery downtown?

  5. worry not for it is written that the geek shall inherit the earth.

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