The Newest Dawn

 View up the hillThis morning I rose earlier than normal  for a Sunday, and took Sadie

out for a lovely walk.  The fog was just beginning to burn off, and on this sleepy weekend morning I enjoyed the view of the trail winding up through the hills before us.

Adjacent to the trail is an abundance of open space, some of which is a sort of watershed maintained by a local utility.  As such, the land is preserved against additional building – at least temporarily.  Water towers discretely dot the residential side of the hill; on the other, a chaos of flora and fauna proliferate:  mustard, redwoods, ferns, lupine, red clover, wild onion, Douglas iris and the iconic California poppy (Eschscholzia californica – true orange!) harmonize and color the landscape at various times of the year.

Wild mustard
With the false spring we are currently experiencing, the mustard has made its glorious and sudden debut. As I walked home, through the pretty little park housing a nature museum and wild animal rescue hospital, I felt fortunate to live within walking
distance of this lovely place.


One response

  1. Ah, how lovely. One of the true joys of having a dog, is them giving you the motivation to get out and enjoy walks like that. Boy did you have a busy day!

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