The Zen of Spring Cleaning

An advantage to living in the San Francisco Bay Area is that in February there is a False Spring, during which hopefulness returns, songbirds return en force, and a girl’s thoughts turn to cleaning out her closets.

Spring cleaning has commenced.  Last weekend I emptied the upper kitchen cupboard, stripped the old liner, washed everything down, relined, and reorganized.  Along the way I filled 3 boxes with old stuff to donate, and a garbage bag of expired food items to toss.

I then pulled all the items out of my closet, filling a box and two large bags of things to donate.  I navigated to ebay and listed 3 pair of nice pumps and a never-used Ben Sherman laptop bag that is very groovy but sadly too small to contain my 17″ laptop; the bag and one pair of the shoes sold, buyers paid, and I will ship them off tomorrow.

There is something cathartic about spring cleaning.  It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, a new inroad toward simplifying my life.  And the bonus is that there is now room for new shoes.


5 responses

  1. We will just have to call you Imelda from now on…. lol

  2. Hmmm, the urge to spring clean is (one of the many) things that separate straight men from women and gay men, so it is unlikely to be chromosomal, perhaps more related to hormones?

  3. I happen to know that you spring clean when it comes to your garden….ammo… you just pick and choose

  4. Perhaps the impulse to clean is an expression of women’s natural superiority. If hunters of yore had their way, the decaying carcasses from the kill three weeks’ back would litter the cave floor, attracting vermin as well as predators of various ilk, and contaminating the natural spring from which the cavefolk drank. The outcome of such slovenliness would be illness and injury. Disease would rapidly spread to other cave dwellings; the elderly, children and pregnant women would be decimated and, finally, the species would become extinct.

    This would then mean the world would have been robbed of the potential for:
    Vogue Magazine
    Dungeons & Dragons
    The Republican National Committee
    Popcorn chicken
    Doctor Who
    Pottery Barn
    Early Girl Tomatoes
    The Blogosphere

    postscript – for the record: not all of the above are good. Not all are bad, either.

  5. The gardening is just a cave-man throw back to hunting and gathering!

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