I am not a control freak!

No, I am not a control freak.  And I have the snippet to demonstrate this:

if codeDoesn’tWork;



I will be compiling then migrating this when the gentleman I interviewed today accepts my reasonable employment offer.



4 responses

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!

    Come on, I heard he was good and you were excited that he might just be better than the rest of your team!

  2. Sad but true:
    News received this morning indicate that New Guy will not be MY New Guy but shuttled to a different team.

    The search continues …

  3. Gosh… why do they keep doing that to you? Id be pissed!

  4. Funny thing that I was not terribly disappointed. Don’t know exactly why I wasn’t disappointed; I liked him, but was not particularly attached. There are two more candidates coming in next week for interviews, one of whom will likely be the New Gal on my team. With the correct machinations, I may be able to do some switcheroos with other teams down the line, in which case New Guy will then likely end up with me after all.

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