A distant cousin, removed by a couple of generations, will celebrate her 80th birthday next month.

Her daughter is throwing her a Hawaiian-themed party.  Our invitations arrived today, and encourage attendees to don their favorite tropical outfit.

Thank goodness I retained my muu-muu, as I can now be confident I will be suitably attired.


8 responses

  1. Just to let you know… Dollar tree has TONS of Aloha on sale now…

  2. It might be time to stock up for next year’s Muu-muu Movie Night!

  3. On behalf of those who use RSS feeds, please update this site. Come on!


  4. Dear Annoying Colleague,

    Since you are officially now an ex-colleague, I am not certain I ought to give you a vote.

    Still, to humor you (as I am now unsure of your judgment, noting you have indeed used a .22 calibre pistol for home improvement purposes), I shall post something tomorrow. I promise. Really.

  5. Dear FORMER Annoying Colleague,

    You are quite welcome.

  6. Boy, I now know not to pee on YOUR cornflakes!!! sheesh! lol

  7. Postscript: No colleagues, current or former, were harmed in the making of these comments.

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