A New Hope

As I have traipsed through the blogosphere over the past few months, I have discovered something both wonderful and humbling.

There is a blog I frequently visit written by a young man in Mumbai and titled Tangled Up in Views.  Meraj writes on a variety of topics that interest me, including film and music.  He travels a good bit, and shares lovely stories along with an occasional eye-catching photograph.  The most recent travel post was about Sri Lanka, and I was quite entranced with the descriptions.

I happened to notice that a frequent commenter was Smiling Dolphin.  About a month ago I visited her blog for the first time.   She is also a young professional living in Mumbai, and another person of true depth and character.

Odd it is that reading what these two young people have written affects me so very much, when they are both distant from me, foreigners whose observations are uncluttered, unencumbered by stiff formality, unaffected by the ghettoesque parlance creeping into everyday American English. There is an intelligence and authenticity which moves me greatly, and leads me to view Western cynicism and our secretive ways with a critical eye.

It seems to me that there is a tendency in Western culture to overanalyze, subjecting ourselves to needless worry and generating a great deal of angst over the voids we create in our own lives.  I often muse that this closes our minds to the possibilities for experiencing life in all its complexity.


One response

  1. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how close you can feel… how attached you can get to someone you have never “met”? Our world indeed becomes smaller with each passing day.

    You are blessed to have an open mind, and an open heart to hear these thoughts from wise people all over the globe. You are a better person for it too.

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