Why I Do Not Like the Word Normal

Being a semigeek who works with a few megageeks and several minigeeks, I feel I am qualified to take issue with the overuse and misuse of the word normal

Think about it.  You know I’m right.


4 responses

  1. There is no such thing as normal. I took the “Geek Test” I got points for being married to a MegaGeek! lol Look, we all have our quirks and weirdnesses.

    Who the hell wants to be NORMAL. How boring is that? Id rather be interesting!

  2. Normal is a fine word with a long heritage, probably dating back to 1066 when young French women, accompanying their menfolk on the invasion of England, were referred to as “norm elle”. It’s that American abomination “normalcy” I cannot abide. Oh and while we are about it, people who spell happiness, happYness should be gassed, too.

  3. Since no one is normal, it’s totally abnormal to be normal.
    It just struck me that is it’s normal to be abnormal that would make me normal…
    Now I’m worried… I need to go do something abnormal!

  4. Well, you did it – you made a kindly abnormal comment on a wisely abnormal person’s blog. Congratulations!

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