Another reason why normal is inadequate

When we were 13 years old, my cousin and I decided we knew everything.  We didn’t need to know anything more.  We had each kissed a boy.  We had each shoplifted something from a store.  We had each found ourselves with a crush on someone, and we had each thumbed through Playboy Magazine.  We knew what was up in the world.  We were confident of our place in it.  We even knew what we would be when we grew up:  she, an efficiency expert, and me, an architect.  What more could we learn?

This is normal

This is yet another reason why normal is inadequate.


2 responses

  1. Im smiling as I read this. What did she actually grow up to be I wonder? You are sort of an architect. Just of computers instead of houses. You create the code and the programs that make computers work. Its still building and creating a foundation for other things to grow and live….

  2. She is very close to her stated profession: an Executive Assistant. I understand that she is excellent at that job, too. 🙂

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