I am a wee bit compulsive.  Just a tad.  Every so often (not too frequently – only about once a month), I am overcome with the irresistable need to rearrange furniture.

I have a good friend who is similarly gifted.  She was also blessed with an extraordinarily unobservant husband.  She once painted a room mango, and he did not notice for about a month.  She even purchased new furniture and rearranged the living room.  He was oblivious.

I am jealous.  My husband is not only observant, he has the gall to have an opinion about the arrangement of furniture.  The nerve! 

So I am treading lightly this week, wheels spinning ever so quickly whenever I look upon the rarely-used large dining room that begs to be transformed into a den …


5 responses

  1. Maybe your friend’s husband just knew better than to say anything about the changes?

  2. LOL… I feel your pain. I truly do sister. Thankfully, this move has been fairly easy since David has been busy at work. I have had alot more free hand with decor than if he were more relaxed. He’d then want a say for EVERYTHING. What a nightmare!

    You know… with a Den, you could have your big screen….

  3. Yep, Amber – there’s an up side to your man being buried under an avalanche of work.

    Flat screen, wall mounted, NCIS-ready tv … that sounds about right.

  4. Dear Former Agreeable Colleague, (see how nice I am being? :))

    Good point – he might have merely been a wise man and not an oblivious dolt.

  5. lol yes your warmth is overwhelming… Former Agreeable Colleague – lol you are too much

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