Nature v. nurture, and Mars v. Venus

New Scientist magazine has published an article in which scientists claim male monkeys play with the types of toys that humans classify as masculine, while female monkeys play with both feminine and masculine toys.

I am a little hesitant to comment on this, for fear I shall be labelled sexist.


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  1. So what did Danicia Patric play with when she was a little girl? I bet it was Hot Wheels or Scaletrix set!

  2. Well… female things are far more interesting to play with in general. Women have a far wider spectrim of understanding than males because they often have to take over not only the female role, but the male one too. Just look at all of the single Mom’s you know….

  3. I think contemporary men have been under far more pressure than women to conform to a gender ideal. I observe certain signs that this is changing, so that men are freer to participate in activities our fathers and grandfathers would eschew as feminine (for example, manicures and therapeutic massages, shopping for antiques, meeting other male friends for coffee).

    Amber, how fortunate you and I are to be women and take advantage of the liberties we have – to be serious or silly as we choose.

  4. … but Amber, I can’t get away without commenting before @mmonyte salaciously agrees that female things are far more interesting to play with.

    I might have to disagree with that statement as understood from one perspective ;).

  5. @mmonyte – perhaps Lincoln Logs, or those blocks with which one can build a city? I played with wooden blocks as a child, and it was great fun to construct bridges in particular.

    Of course, then my male cousins would come by and smack my creation into pieces…

  6. Dolls were always good fodder for a firing squad, and teddy bears burn well.

  7. Checking off boxes for my serial killer profile for Ammo…… did you torture spiders and small woodland creatures too?????

  8. No, but spiders and small woodland creatures can be used to torture people. 🙂

  9. lol too true… my brothers used to do that to me alot

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