Serial Hobbyist

The other day a friend described another as a serial monogamist.  This of course means that while there is commitment, there is monogamy.  The commitment is short-lived; once done, another must be sought.

I have thought about this at length, and conclude I am a serial hobbyist.  This suits both my OCD and ADD tendencies.  It satisfies my need for constant change and challenge, allowing me to channel those yearnings in a safe and interesting manner.

I have several hobbies, each forming a part of my repertoire.  Unlike the serial monogamist, I return to the former love eagerly, diving in passionately, and eventually return to the surface happy and spent.  I tell my husband that these hobbies keep me out of trouble, as we all know that idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.  And I like to suppose that he gains a bit of vicarious stimulation along the way.

For example, in sewing I have produced numerous pillow covers, curtains, and dog beds.  The throw pillows in the living room are my handiwork, as is the seat cover of the desk chair on which I am currently perched.  And this year I made my own New Year’s cards (eschewing the typical Christmas card) using rubber stamps, embossing powder and card stock.

My current project is slightly more ambitious:  converting an old fireplace insert into an outdoor fireplace.  A friend found the thing on the street, affixed with a sticker reading FREE, and offered to pick up and deliver.  Ever interested in something a bit different, I agreed and the behemoth now sits in my backyard driveway.  This morning I washed then scrubbed it with some steel wool.  I purchased some heat-resistant black spray paint, and briefly considered buying red to create contrast when I recalled the stack of unused slate tiles neatly stored in the yard.  My dad gave me one of his tile cutters a couple of years ago, and as I have a vague understanding of how the machine works I shall give it a whirl.

To ensure that I remain motivated and on track, I have decided to post the project progress periodically.  Besides, it will be fun for me to see the transformation over time from a plain metal contraption to a useful bit of garden ephemera. 



5 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see this!!! 🙂

    And psychologically speaking everyone in the world has some degree of OCD and ADD tendancies…. they manifest themselves differently though. That is why OCD is called the disorder of a thousand faces!

  2. WordPress seems to have resolved the problem which prevented me from attaching my uploaded image to this post, so the picture is now there.

  3. My heart bleeds for people who have to build a fireplace in their garden, just in case the temperature ever drops below 70.

  4. Jealousy is an ugly shade of yellow Ammo…..

  5. Well it does get cold here on occasion. One day last week I believe it dropped all the way down to the 60’s. Brr!! Imagine!

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