All work and no play …

Fun work anecdotes and common sense for life in software development:

On meetings, by Richard Bartle 

I remember hearing of a study once, which found that even though people particularly waited for TV weather forecasts and watched them all the way through, if you asked them immediately afterwards what the weather was going to be the majority were completely unable to tell you.

Well, today we had a staff meeting at the university that went on for three and a half hours, and I have no idea what was said. I don’t think I signed up to buy a timeshare property in Spain or anything, but I can’t say for certain. It’s how I imagine stasis to be in science fiction stories: you walk into the stasis field, then you walk out, and three and a half hours have elapsed in an instant.

Hmm, I think there might have been coffee.

On the rules of software development, by All Geek to Me (aka BritInLA)

I have some advice to give to would be programmers

Just because your program compiled does not mean that it will work

Running your program once and encountering no errors is not the same as testing it thoroughly

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live

Just because a command exists in your language of choice does not mean that you are required to use it.

New does not always mean better


And finally, when shopping with some gal friends this weekend (no, not for shoes!), we saw the perfect sign for my office …



13 responses

  1. ROFL – too funny! Timeshare in Spain… yay! Break out the Sangria Im there!

  2. I recall a study which demonstrated that people couldn’t place their own location on weather maps, and so assumed that the weather destined for several hundreds of miles away applied to them. Because of the weather systems that cross the UK, areas only a few miles apart often get very differing weather, so it is very important to know where you are.

  3. Isn’t it fun? Maybe I should make myself this sign … it might keep me out of trouble.

  4. speaking of signs… your Goto isn’t showing up with your posts on my blog…??

    And I could suggest a few of your employees who you could point to said sign at certain times… *evil grin*

  5. Yep – I noticed that neither my avatar nor yours showed up in our comments on @mmo’s blog. WordPress has made some recent changes, so perhaps something is currently broken.

  6. Yeah, I have one or two staffmembers in mind for the whine …

  7. rofl gonna print out that sign and put it on my forehead for a while while walking around town in hunt for meditation cd’s 😀 – definitely relate to the meetings one I have gone around the world and back in those things when there is a single drone for a constant 4 hours but I believe we ended up getting alcohol or I just imagined that the coffee had morphed into wine anything is possible…

  8. lol – I can see it now Meditate on this!

  9. Because I host my own blog, I don’t link to your avatars, you’d need to register with so that your avatars were available across different platforms (or at least those that supported gravatar)

  10. ROFL – Meditate on this…. god thats a classic….. I wonder where there is a proper print shop… we could get tshirts done… signs … bumperstickers….its probably been done.. but hey… its funny in this moment.

  11. LMAO I have trawled the funny t-shirt section and NEVER found one of these… It’s a whole range AND would save a whole bunch of printing on my forehead!!! Alas I had to use eyeliner which smudged the h quite not so beautifully… well at least it didn’t say no wine 😉

  12. I agree wholeheartedly. No wine? Perish the thought!

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