Freaks of Nature, or, Have you hugged your geek lately?

Every so often the chick in me makes a surprise appearance at work.

I have a younger colleague, my first hire as a manager, with whom I worked closely for a couple of years, recognizing his potential, and encouraged to pursue a position as a peer.  I have a great affection for this man, and often told him You are the little brother I never wanted.  He is doing really well in his new position, and I am quite proud of him.

One day last week he appeared in my office, and I assumed his task was work-related.  But no, he said that he wanted only to say hello.

I had the sudden and inexplicable urge to give him a hug.



One response

  1. You are always feminine in your geekdom…. be proud… Even your gardening shoes are pink!!!!

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