Drove to work, worked on some designs (what is the point of having a design team when I gather the business requirements myself?), drove back into town to the doctor, drove back to work, sat through interminable meetings (the design team gave me very bad technical designs from which it was nearly impossible to distill the business purpose for the applications requested), drove home.

Something is a little askew in that picture.

postscript –

Perhaps that ‘No Whining’ sign can be a good reminder for me as well!


9 responses

  1. Well… this is a good opportunity to find your assertive self and to try on your big girl boots. Looks like some asses need kicking by them. I seem to remember that we bought a REALLY CUTE pair together recently….. and the stains wipe right off too!

  2. Bonus: I get my own business analysts in June, and I have been working out their job descriptions. They are to work on business application design cuz that’s what business analysts are supposed to do. The technical stuff should be done by people who have technical skills.

    Can’t wait!

  3. Wait…. sorry I misunderstood… I thought that Business Analysts were supposed to design code…. silly me. I guess thats why Im just a stay at home housewife. *Sigh* Good thing that there are really smart people out there to point me toward the error of my ways…lol

  4. sheesh – I know I need a thicker skin! Even my friends are making fun of me! 🙂 Oh well – I do appreciate a wicked sense of humor, as you well know!

    Yeah, I am stoked about the new staffmembers and how I get to shape the teams. What really cracks me up (in retrospect, as it pissed me off in the moment) was that the design team kept talking about this being a collaborative process, as they handed over their sucky technical design. I am wondering which dictionary they were using when selecting the word ‘collaborative’? Correcting that definition in a constructive manner is one of my first tasks when they join me in June. Yay!

  5. Cheapskate outfits let their business analysts write code, which generally results in two jobs both done badly.

  6. time to show em you cute boots girlfriend… thats all I have to say.

  7. @mmo – yep, I agree!

    Amber – I might break into song:
    These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
    One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

  8. Thankfully you arent David’s musical twin…. you can actually carry a tune.

  9. Perhaps he can carry a tune, but we just don’t like where he takes it. 😉

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