The Sky is Falling

Last night my husband and I enjoyed a lovely evening walk with our happy Springer.  On the way home, we encountered Tioga, a neighbor’s sweet mutt.  Tioga was exploring the trail, and heading toward the creek where there are plenty of cattails and frogs to harrass.  I bribed her with some kibble – I always keep some in my pocket – and we were able to leash her up and return her to her appreciative family.

We live on a court consisting of seven houses.  Six of the houses are in the Cape Cod style (authentically outfitted with trecherously steep staircases), and one is a 1970’s modern.  Tioga’s family lives in the oddball house.  And true to form, they are lovely but idiosyncratic.

The husband is an engineer whose most interesting recent project was working on the delivery mechanism for insulin inhalers.  His work commute is approximately 40 miles in the principle commute direction, which makes for a commute of up to two hours during peak traffic hours.  While he drives much of the time, he has also been known to fly to work. 

The wife is a musician, who teaches music appreciation to children and adults alike.  She grows a vegetable and herb garden, has rows of gorgeous roses, and a most beautiful collection of azaleas.  She cares for the couple’s two children.  The woman is unstoppable!  A couple of weeks ago, she bought chickens.  And in the spirit of combating world hunger, she is planning to share fresh eggs with her neighbors.

There is one dissonant note in this otherwise beautifully eclectic composition.  There is a political sign on their lawn, advocating a local for a seat in the state’s assembly.  The caption beneath her name contains these terrifying words:  Reagan Republican.


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  1. I have a friend who keeps chickens. Started out with five, a few years ago, but is now down to a pair, due to the attentions of the local fox.

    I don’t eat eggs. Something James Kiley said whilst we were standing outside the Technical Drawing classroom when we were in the Fourth Form, put me off for life (not that I had eaten them before, but his comment re-affirmed my belief that eggs were also the Spawn Of Satan)

  2. We don’t have a fox issue down here (we’re in the flatlands between two mountain ranges), but lots of coyotes and raccoons. My neighbor is building a chicken coop, has a tall fence, and has a dog. Hopefully these measures will prevent nature from demonstrating the circle of life for her young children.

    For an atheist, you certainly have Satan spawning a whole lot of things. First it was Crocs, now it’s eggs. Are you sure you are not a Baptist in Atheist clothing?

  3. amberfireinus | Reply

    ROFL – god you two are funny!

    David also doesn’t eat eggs. The mere smell of them makes him sick. Weird person. That and veggies.

  4. Eggs are one of my favorite foods! I don’t really cook much, and eggs are so easy to prepare.

    Oh – I forgot to mention that the neighbor husband is building an airplane in his new workshop.

  5. The airplane is probably to escape from the Regan Republican. British POW’s tried something similar at Colditz in the Second German War.

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