Satan’s Spawn, or Why Joel Doesn’t Like Microsoft

Joel Spolsky’s post today about wildly overblown press on new software applications is a hoot.  Check it out! 

Sadly, this caused me to recollect that the company I work for has decided to invest a boatload of cash and redecorate the building lobby.  The company is an ACTUAL business, one which performs a tangible service other than delivering software applications.  However, the mock-up of the lobby remodel makes it look as if we are a Yahoo or – worse! – Oracle.

In addition, the work hour expectations are looking a little intimidating at the moment.  A coworker who is working her way into a promotion has put in many long hours during the past several weeks to learn the ropes of the new position while still performing the tasks required in her current position.  When a director indicated that she could learn a specific skill from another employee, she said she would need to schedule something in a few days as she had quite a heavy workload at present – to which he responded that sometimes you need to put in some extra time.

Image is everything?


2 responses

  1. And people wonder why workers “go postal”?

  2. OK – clarification: I realized that saying my company was an ACTUAL business was implying that software houses, internet service providers, and internet-only sales businesses are not actual businesses, which is incorrect. I meant to indicate that the company is a brick-and-mortar providing a tangible service. But I meant what I said about Oracle.

    Several years ago my husband was in a line of business, and Oracle was one of his customers. The first time he visited, he was impressed by both the imposing facility and the tremendous perks including a gym and a wonderful cafeteria. When he shared this admiration with his Oracle business contact, he was told that these services were not perks but necessities given the long work hours required.

    Be afraid!

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