Database dreams

I dream of the perfect database.  Normalized to the logical form for storing data in a rational manner while not negatively affecting application performance.  Defined, designed and documented with great care.  Meticulously monitored and maintained for integrity.  Most important of all, useful.

I have a passion for data, and a compulsion to organize things.  This is leading me down a path toward database architecture and management.  A year ago the flame was lit and flared hot; I was excited at the prospect, fascinated by the possibilities, and identified the coursework necessary to enable me to gain the required knowledge.

This is a modest dream.  I am not hoping to become a multimillionaire.  I am not hoping to become the CEO of a corporation.  I want to be immersed in the process, manage its birth, and help it to grow strong.  To me, it is as poetic and wonderful as bringing a garden to life where once there was only dirt.  I am reasonably certain that this is my calling in life.

However, my work stands in the way.  The demands of my job are not only a distraction but a real barrier to accomplishing something which I find significant and fascinating.  A year ago when the flame burned high, I had a vague idea that this would be a difficult path but managed to underestimate the power of these obstacles.  It is taking another skill to clear that path:  managing people.

My goal for managing people is both a means and an end.  By training staff to assume the responsibilities of my job, I will be able to leave the applications in good hands.  And I intend to take a chosen few from my team with me on the new journey. 


3 responses

  1. Ah so, a future career as a kidnapper beckons?

  2. It’s my new cult: The Church of Useful Databases. I plan on brainwashing them, so the kidnapping won’t really be necessary.

  3. amberfireinus | Reply

    Wow… I think you are finally seeing things MY way!

    Count me in to the Church of U.D.

    I could claim Im an I.U.D! Now wouldn’t that cause a stir…lol

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