Wiki is being icky

I have mixed feelings about Wikipedia.  It is a terrific way to look up some bland facts on occasion, and it’s also yet another repository for misinformation.  A well-designed database is great, but if it is populated with bad data it is not useful.

How ironic then that Richard Bartle, who from my observation is a man of high integrity, has somehow been banned from contributing.

Seems that integrity is not a deciding factor to Wikipedia, as even Larry Ellison is allowed to edit stuff.

Anyone have some ideas about a good user ID that Richard can change to for logging in to Wiki?


6 responses

  1. lol is this a childrens show?

    Hmmm did you hear about the South African government department that went in and deleted information on AIDS awareness statistics which put them in bad light and inserted all propaganda about all the things that they are doing … they were caught by the MI in both the US and UK and made to look like fools 😀


  2. I expect that any major corporation, government, intelligence service or rich bastard would these days employ someone to monitor internet chatter and put a positive spin on stories or posts about themselves. As evidence, I offer this previous post. To any corporations, governments, intelligence services or rich bastards, for a huge fee I am available to edit wiki entries to suit your desired personae 😉

  3. @mmonyte careful you might get a call from Mugabe, apparently he is having a hard time putting a good spin on things 😉

  4. amberfireinus | Reply

    oh @mmo – he of negotiable virtue…. I never realised you were quite such a slut! You learn something new each day.

    As for Mr. Bartle, well, since Jeremy Beatle died … that name is available… Watch out, Beatle’s about…lol

    Not that you’ll know what Im talking about in the least ilegirl… but Im sure the rest of us are laughing!

  5. Must be a reference to a comedy show on the BBC?

    Here in the US we are stuck with reruns of Monty Python. Though that is no curse, of course. One of the bands my husband was in was called Spiny Norman.

  6. I think Amberfire means Jeremy Beadle, too populist for the BBC, so he worked for those downmarket commercial scum at ITV.

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