Judgment Calls

I manage an odd assortment of individuals.  There were five until today; my sixth joined.  We shall call him New Guy.

New Guy filled out endless reams of forms for the first two hours before being deposited in my office for the initial indoctrination.  I have to say, I am a pretty good trainer.  I have pretty good organizational skills, and when I know the topic am good at ad libbing and fielding questions.  I like the exchange.  So he was mesmerized by my introduction to the flow of the application system which is my team’s principal responsibility.  OK, well … he didn’t fall asleep.

Pleased with myself, we parted ways for lunch (tomorrow is actually the welcome lunch where we take him out for beer … OK, OK, we’ll probably just go somewhere vanilla like Appleby’s).  Afterwards I dragged him about like a new toy, introducing him to the Fab Five who will now become the Sensational Six.

Now, there had been talk between my boss and I after I hired New Guy, but before his first day, and a deal was struck:  another manager needs a developer, but not right away, so I said I would take New Guy and train him in exchange for his completion of a few projects.  It seems like a fair deal to me, particularly as this will buy me all sorts of favors from the other manager who has some excellent project management skills.  Yay – a win/win.

I shared this information with my team last week, but New Guy had not received the news.  It seemed a little harsh, in fact, to foist such a change on his first day and, besides, it being a Monday and busy with meetings, and there being a sort of crises requiring my attention, I had forgotten.

So leave it to the quirky souls on my team to break the news ever so ungently.

In fact, it was the guy on my team who looks the most grandfatherly who spilled the beans.  He’s the one you would imagine having slapped ‘Bush/Cheney’ bumperstickers on his Towncar and attending Mass faithfully every Sunday (he drives a Prius, is impious to the nth degree, but I concede he faithfully engages in Friday happy hour with the woman he refers to as The Missus at a local Walnut Creek watering hole).  He is the one who is unable to hold his tongue – the scoundrel! 

Just before leaving the office tonight, I scoured my upcoming projects list in search of a suitable punishment.


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