And speaking of Star Wars, my new religion

If the British can do it, so can I.



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  1. lol welcome to the tribe that are the Jedi’s, the guardians of the galaxy 😀

  2. amberfireinus | Reply

    lol…. for Pete’s sake… thats brilliant!!!

  3. I have been reading the Jedi Code, as well as Plato’s Republic, and I think I ought to be a Guardian.

  4. Back in 2001 when the last census was held, a misconception took hold, that if enough people answered the (controversial) question on their religious belief by replying “Jedi”, then the British Government would have to recognise it as a bona fide religion. The biggest response occurred in the slightly salacious south coast seaside resort of Brighton.

    At the Houses of Parliament, our elected representatives have personal spaces in the cloakroom, which include a hook from which to hang your sword (as wearing your sword in the chamber is frowned upon, if not actually banned). The Member of Parliament for Brighton-and-Hove, chose to hang her light sabre from said hook.

  5. Right on! We need someone like that – an actual human being with a sense of humor – in the US Congress!! They are all a bunch of cowardly bullies and Fascists.

  6. … who have just gone all red faced because they have just realised that Nelson Mandela is still on their Terrorist Watch list…

  7. Isn’t Tony Blair still number 13 on that list?

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