The Secret Lives of Programmers I

We have a euphemism for programmers at our company.  They are called software engineers.  This is because there is a vocal contingent of programmers on staff who like to see themselves as scientists, or rock stars.   They like the heavy implications of the title.  They like to see the title on their little business cards.

The company acquieces because the salaries are well under the city rates.  It concedes small favors such as titles and flexible work schedules to cajole the line staff into complacence.  This strategy is surprisingly effective.

My team has to be different of course.  They are quite a load of characters; one of the analysts very frequently tells me that my team is quirky.  (I am not quirky myself, of course, so I am not certain what she means.)  Naturally, when the new software engineer title began to appear on business cards, my team members were greatly amused.  Little notes began to mysteriously appear on cubicle whiteboards (‘Joe is a SOFTWARE ENGINEER!’), and a couple went so far as to request special titles such as Jedi Master Engineer.  This of course was followed with a suggestion that the Junior Programmers’ cards are printed with Padawan Engineer.



5 responses

  1. ROFL brilliant! One of the programmers I once worked with was called into a meeting with the HR Manager, she gave him the news “You will now be known as a Software Engineer” he turned to her and politely said “Please don’t insult me, do I look like an Engineer to you? I am an artist NOT an Engineer and my paint is code!”

  2. Would he send me his resume? I want someone like that!

  3. amberfireinus | Reply

    ROFL… too much. Quirky… hmmm that would be the same team that came up with the beautiful Lucy wouldnt it???? Too much time on their hands I say!

  4. No, my team is far too busy with real work to have the time for making a skeleton out of old milk jugs. That was from folks on a web development team.

  5. p.s. The same team as contained the SE fanatics.

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