… and getting away with it

My blood ran ice cold today.  In a human moment of weakness I shared something Qblog had posted with two of my staff, and one programmer said You should have a blog then the other said She does have a blog.

How did he know?

It seems a former colleague has spilt the beans.

Somehow I feel … well, a bit outed.

Not to worry – I won’t let the prospect that my boss might even know (and what a wonderful boss he is, truly a fabulous person of great integrity, and a daily inspiration) influence the tone of my posts.  No, no – not one bit!


4 responses

  1. These days with blogs, facebook, bebo etc, you have to be careful that you don’t reveal your true identity, which is why I am glad that no-one has yet outed me as a minor member of the British Royal family. Oh bugger.

  2. Your secret is safe with me, Joseph. Just as I would never share your real name, Mr. Barnhardt. And that spacious mansion at 637 Leighton Lane in *shire where you live with your late wife’s stunning collections of rare first editions and sapphires – I promise I won’t mention it.

  3. *takes notes to give to her suppliers* ROFL

    Think its time for some payback don’t you?

  4. Ah yes, revenge being sweet and all. And me being not so sweet…

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