It’s Good to be the Queen

According to Earth Times, German archaeologists working on a site in Axum, Ethiopia believe they have found the Queen of Sheba’s palace this Spring.

Remember her?  She was the African queen who journeyed to Solomon’s palace in order to verify the rumor of the king’s exceptional wisdom.  For those rusty on their Biblical history (like me), Solomon was the son of King David, of the Psalms fame.  There is a book in the Bible called Song of Solomon which some theologians believe to be the love story between Solomon and this queen.

Solomon really loved women.  According to legend he was wise about everything except romance, as he had 1000 wives.  What a foolish romantic, and kind of a slut too.

Curious, I checked out the wikipedia entry for the queen, and found some surprisingly nice treatment of the material – kudos to the contributors.  The Queen, known as Makeda in modern Ethiopia, was exceptionally intelligent, curious and wealthy.  Because accounts of her actual origin are the subject of debate amongst historians, this recent discovery could add much substance to the discourse.

By the way, I’d recommend re-reading the Song of Solomon.  It’s an intense text – keep a fan handy.


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  1. Ethiopia is still one country I want to visit, the Coptic’s fascinate me! Sheesh hope Solomon didn’t have to satisfy all those women like the Saudi’s – what happens to one has to happen to the other in succession! Poor man I think bit off more than he could chew!!! Off to go find a fan 🙂


  2. I have never visited Africa. In a long-ago past, I did some meditation studies, and discovered a guide. She was African, very beautiful and wise and forceful – perhaps possessing the same qualities as the Queen of Sheba.

  3. There is a saying here in Africa that all those born on its soil posses the spirit of the Queen, some tribes believe to this day that she is the wisest ancestor of them all.

    You’d love Africa, if you ever want to venture let me know and I will organise an adventure not to be gotten out of travel brochures 😀

  4. In a sense, we are all born from Africa, if not technically on its soil, since human origins can be traced to your continent. Does the wisdom credo still hold water for those of us removed from our ancestral ground?

    What a lovely offer! Thanks – someday I may be able to take you up!

  5. Why of course for it is just the earth that separated, Africa’s soil covers each continent from the times when it was once one, we all have a bit of Queen Sheba within us it is just up to us to acknowledge and accept her…

  6. I happened to run across another article thanks to the hnn feed to which I subscribe – – which proposes that new evidence suggests that the Sahara became desertous over a much longer period that previous thought.

    History is so interesting – full of wonderful allegories. Studying helps me to develop patience, as it helps me to see the patterns that define epochs.

  7. How interesting that so often the epochs are often misinterpreted and subsequently evolve, you are right, the patterns are there but it takes patience to see them. It gives me peace to know that the Sahara wasn’t an over nighter it just proves that the media interpretation “quick quick the world is coming to an end” need not be so angst filled as it is… after all the world was once flat and now it is apparently round 🙂 Thanks for the article off to go read some more, the allegories in nature will never stop to astound me nor those in history!

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