My Achilles’ Heel is procrastination.  Yes, I am very busy at work, and there are numerous projects requiring my attention, and then there are the six developers who are all terrific in their own ways but have questions or need action from me.  All of those tasks and obligations consume the bulk of my workday, and then I have the project planning, troubleshooting and miscellaneous meetings; these eat up time as well.

But I procrastinate on certain tasks.  And my selection of those tasks is sometimes unwise – such as the design which I ought to have completed on Friday but which is only half done.

I’ve read enough management and psych articles to understand something about this problem.  Most of the research indicates that procrastination results from a lack of confidence.  And this rings quite true for me in the area of design – it is not one of my stronger skills.  I believe it is necessary work for someone (just please not me!).  There is a design team but it doesn’t serve my group as we are on internal-facing and database server applications; design dollars are spent on apps that are public-facing.

So I have choices.  I can learn to be a designer, I can train someone else to be a designer, I can collaborate with others on design projects, I can continue procrastinating.

I’ll put off the decision until tomorrow.


5 responses

  1. rofl I to procrastinate on the things that I am not confident on but mainly because I do not have passion for something’s like filing, it really is my worst and besides I know where everything is! I have no passion for it so I tend to let it slide, the things I am passionate about I cruise. Guess its about getting a balance and eating the cake before the caramel icing… agree decide tomorrow or better yet postpone the decision till friday, it will give you time to contemplate it and if all else fails I say postpone indefinitely! 😀

  2. Passion is key! What I need to do is force myself to do the drudge work first, delegate as much as possible, and save the most interesting work for myself. Someday …

  3. Delegate the drudgery, keep the passionate for the weekend.

  4. Works for me! Most of the work is drudgery.

  5. … except …

    If I reserve my passion for the weekend, I will probably scare people. I have oodles of the stuff, and it’ll come out one way or the other … best to direct it toward work during the week where I will do the least damage.

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